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I’m a taxpayer too! I’ll help you pay fewer taxes.

The Benefits of Smythe Tax

Easily upload documents to save time. Sending them electronically provides you the flexibility to submit your documents whenever you want, and on your own time.

Save money and get a better tax outcome. Find comfort in knowing that your taxes will be prepared with complete accuracy, which will maximize your tax savings. This keeps more money in your pocket.

Put the savings control in your hands. By simply telling everybody about Smythe Tax, you have the opportunity to receive a discount of up to 100% on next year's filing. No other place gives you the ability to save 100%!

Students receive a discount.

There are tax benefits to being a student. I'm here to help you receive them, and by providing a low cost option.

I was recommended to Smythe Tax Services from a close friend, and was very satisfied with the quality of service I was dealt. Every step of the way was painless and laid out in a very organized fashion. Will be doing my taxes with Rob again.

- Brenden M, Victoria BC

How It Works

Step 1: Checklist and Questionnaire

I will send you a checklist and a questionnaire. This will assess if any tax credits and deductions are available to you, and what sort of documents you can provide.

Step 2: Forward Your Documents

You will be sent a unique link that allows you to upload any and all relevant documents to an encrypted and secure folder.

Your return will then be prepared accurately.

Step 3: Pay & Sign

Once you pay your fee I will send your tax summary along with a signable form. This allows me to electronically file your return on your behalf.


Professional Tax Preparation Service

Victoria BC