My Mission

I help Canadians pay fewer taxes.

I do this by actively engaging with you on an individual level to best understand your specific tax situation.

It is my strongly held belief that understanding how taxes work is an essential step to building wealth. Paying less in fees for your tax return and paying fewer taxes allows you to keep more of your money.

My Story

As a taxpayer with a modest income I was fortunate to have my taxes prepared for a low rate. When I moved to Victoria and began looking for a new tax preparation service, I could not find one that offered the same low rate.


So I began learning about how taxes work in Canada, including tax law. I wanted to know what tax deductions were and how tax credits helped me to maximize my tax savings. I started to share my exciting and newfound knowledge with family and friends, and to help educate them on ways to get a better return. I discovered that most of the people I spoke to had no idea they were missing out on so many ways to improve their tax situation, because they did not know what to ask, nor did their tax preparer ask the right questions. There isn’t enough being done to help individuals receive tax breaks, and I want to change that. This is why Smythe Tax was created!


Smythe Tax is a low-cost and electronic tax preparation service started by me, Rob Smythe, an awarded accounting honours student at Camosun School of Business. 


It’s a rewarding feeling to genuinely help others receive the tax breaks they deserve, without having to break the bank in fees. Paying fewer taxes allows you to use your money to advance your education, or to go on that trip you’ve been saving for, or brings you one step closer to starting up your own business. Whatever the reason, I want to work with you to help you achieve your goals, while living a passion of mine. After all, I'm a taxpayer too.

My Values


All people deserve to be treated equally and fairly. Everyone needs to file their taxes, but not everybody has the same tax situation. I provide a fair service for all my clients by offering a package of affordable options to suit each individual's needs.


I do not overstate my qualifications. This is why I mentioned I am a student. I will never take advantage of you in an attempt to get ahead. I sincerely want you to receive the best attainable tax outcome. If I feel I cannot provide my best service possible, I will let you know.


I believe the process of learning is just as important as the knowledge gained. That is why I am advancing my education. In a field that is constantly changing, I strive to stay informed with tax laws that affect all taxpayers in Canada. This is how I will maximize your tax savings. 


Since paying fewer taxes is fundamental to growing wealth, learning about tax benefits in Canada will be valuable to both you and myself. To advance and improve we must work together. We both have a common goal when it comes to taxes, and that is to pay less of them.


Professional Tax Preparation Service

Victoria BC